Three New Things

In this new and not-as-interesting-as-we’d-hoped-for world of salary earning, there is something magical that happens but twice a year; the three paycheck month. August 2010 is my first time experiencing this monetary miracle, and I can’t say that I mind making 150% of my average monthly income. Now with more money, as they say, comes more problems; the problem of deciding what to do with this money. I am not an extravagant person, but after paying my credit card bill and putting some away for savings, there are three things I plan on doing.

#1: Charity – I was raised to believe in giving back to your community, and I hope to one day actually devote my personal time and effort to this cause. But for now, like all good Americans, I’ve decided that giving money in lieu of volunteering (or perhaps as a precursor to future volunteering) will have to suffice. When looking for a worthy cause to donate to, I was most concerned with how much money actually gets to those in need. I settled upon a $100 donation to the Hawaii Food Bank, which devotes 94% of all donations to helping feed the hungry in Hawaii. Hopefully the 250 meals that a donation of that size can provide will make some of my neighbors a little less hungry.

#2: The News – When I eat at home by myself I like to read to keep my mind busy. But lately I’ve been eating at home more often than the Wheat Thins boxes are being updated. Seeing as we are not supporters of the Star Bulletin, the local-but-not-locally-owned Hawaii paper, I decided to splurge and buy our household a subscription to the New York Times. I’ve always loved the Sunday edition of the New York Times, especially the New York Times Magazine. I figure it will take us all week to read such a large paper, and hopefully we’ll have some new topics of conversation besides how much we miss our party days and what’s on TV.

#3: Laser Hair Removal – A couple of my friends have recently started touting the amazingness of laser hair removal. They have started the process of permanently removing pretty much all the hair that girls have to routinely remove; legs, bikini, underarms, etc. Now I am not about to be hairless beauty, but never having to shave my underarms again does sound blissful. So this Saturday my friend V and I have scheduled a preliminary consultation with a clinic that deals with laser hair removal. This is somewhat ridiculous, I know, but having hairless underarms is so appealing that we just had to look into it, plus there’s a summer special; buy 4 sessions get 1 free! Haha. More on this adventure to come.

All in all, there are upsides and downsides to having more adult finances. But sometimes the upside can be an opportunity to expand your horizons in a variety of ways.


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