Some Things are Just Better in Macau


Hong Kong is great. Mostly. But some things are just better in Macau……..

  1. Birds:You can wake up and hear birds singing outside your window in the middle of the city.

    Songs birds in the City – Always a great sound to wake up to
  2. Street Signs:The street signs are in Portuguese, which is super cool.

    All signs are in Chinese and Portuguese, which allowed me to put my rusty Portuguese to use
  3. The Sky:It can actually be blue at night instead of just reflecting the light of the city back down at you.

    Blue Sky should not be taken for granted. Note: Photo taken without the use of a color filter
  4. Portuguese Egg Tarts: ‘Nuff said

    Yummy egg tarts are a city delicacy
  5. Sidewalks: The amazing cobblestone sidewalks are artfully designed with all kinds of images; fish, lobsters, seahorses, flamingos, and even SHARKS.

    One of many designs in the cobblestone sidewalks
  6. Historic Sites:Preserved Colonial Architecture instead of 100% modern glass towers makes for a nice break from the casino skyline.

    A restored colonial facade

4 Comments Add yours

  1. emma says:

    I’ve been thinking that I should make egg tarts next… yummy.

    1. Super yummy, you should give it a try.

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  3. gelaikuting says:

    wow! Macau…. I wanna see you.. I love this post! The egg tarts looks so yummmyyy!!!

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