Why is there a TV in my bathroom?

The apartment is not small. It is tiny. What real estate agents call “cozy”. It’s like living out of a carry-on writ large. The kitchen is literally in a closet (no joke). I won’t go into the specifics of living with your better half in a shoe box, but today I do wish to speculate on the origins of the most mysterious furnishing in our tiny adobe; the television.

The only television that we have came with the apartment and we have never turned it on. Why would we not use a perfectly good television? Because it’s in the BATHROOM.

The TV is mounted inside the vanity.

That’s right – The sole TV in our apartment is in the bathroom. We can only assume that someone (maybe the landlord, hopefully not an interior designer) put the TV in the bathroom for a reason. But why?

Here are a few hypotheses about why we have a television in the bathroom:

  1. Perhaps if you tilt the mounted face mirror at a certain angle you could try to watch television from the half bathtub.
  2. On-toilet entertainment.
  3. Maybe Chinese people are so busy that the only time they have to watch television is while brushing their teeth.
  4. So women can watch soap operas while pretending to pluck their eyebrows.
  5. So men can watch football/rugby/horse racing etc while shaving.
  6. Adult entertainment?
  7. To prevent obesity by making sure no one is eating in front of the television.
  8. As a sound barrier to cover up the sound of unmentionable things.
  9. So you can look in the mirror (with the TV on) and see a celebrity.

    Is this a normal thing that people do and I’ve just never heard of it because I’m from the Midwest?

Do you have more ideas about why there is a TV in my bathroom? I’d love to hear from you!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. emma says:

    How very strange. If you’ve never turned it on, can you be so sure that it is really a TV, and not some sort of com link to the local market so that you can let them know when you’ve run out of things such as that nasty-tasting yellow Listerine?

  2. Oh no. What if Big Chinese Brother has been spying us all along?

  3. Selvinas says:

    Well, I know some Western rich people have a tv in their kitchen, bedroom and toilet so why not the bathroom?
    Besides the fact that you’r not rich and it’s a bit odd…maybe it’s only purpose is showing of to other people?

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