Observations About the US – An Afternoon at EWR

Different things stand out to me every time I return to the land of my birth after a significant time abroad. Yesterday I arrived in the US from a ten month stint living in Hong Kong buffered by an eight day wedding in Albania. Here are a few observations from Newark Liberty International Airport:

In my mind I have overestimated the efficiency of the US, as was evident when I waited a good 12 minutes for the one man ahead of me to exchange money, something that would take about 30 second in Hong Kong.

It’s really nice to be called Ma’am (even if it makes me feel old) and to be served a glass of water approximately 90 sec after I ask for it.

Saw a girl going through security wearing only a sports bra from Target and a peasant skirt down to her ankles. Is this a thing now?

I had forgotten how incredibly annoying it is to understand all the useless chatter going on around me.

Everyone on the plane from Rome clapped when we touched down in New Jersey. Maybe they were all just so happy that soon we’d be able to stand up.

It goes without saying, but people in the US can be Big. Really Big.

Shared the flight from Rome with a Greek Orthodox priest decked out in full regalia who was carrying a 2 ft. x 1.5 ft. bubble wrapped portrait of himself.

College age hipsters are really annoying.

A woman came out of a bathroom stall at the airport and was polite enough to tell me that “There’s no toilet paper in that one”. Bless her heart, there hasn’t been toilet paper in most of the stalls I’ve used for a long time.


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  1. emma says:

    Did you sneak a picture of the bubble-wrapped portrait?? That sounds worth suffering through a hipster or five:)

    1. Oh yeah, it was like an exact painting of him with the hat and robe and scarf to cover the single dredlock that went past his waist.

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