Living in East London

I am settling into my new neighborhood nicely in East London next to Spitalfields Market. The building I’m living in is actually a stop on many Jack the Ripper tours of London as it was the home of his last victim, Mary Kelly. This doesn’t freak me out for some reason, although living in a converted convent/homeless shelter is a first for me. The surrounding area is very eclectic, with Brick Lane’s phenomenal Indian restaurants and the 24 hour bagel shop juxtaposed against Mischa Barton and Lomography boutiques a few blocks away. I’m loving walking around and discovering the little things that make the area unique; streets with names like Puma Lane, and the UpMarket on Sundays where you can get a steaming hot plate of food from just about anywhere in the world and eat it at a picnic table in a warehouse. These are just a few of the things that I enjoy about my new neighborhood, I’m sure there will be many more to come.


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  1. emma says:

    Yes, more to come please!

    I started calling myself Spitalfields a year or so back when I was having a particularly salavacious winter (not that that’s a word). I like this Spitalfields much more;)

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