Malaysia Night in Trafalagar Square

There’s something about noodles. Specifically hot noodle soup. Be it chicken noodle, udon, ramen or pho – I love noodle soup. Today on this chilly overcast London day a friend and I went searching for noodles. But not just any noodle, the spicy Malaysian broth noodle soup known as laksa.

Lucky for us the annual Malaysia Night was on today in Trafalagar Square.  We feasted on laksa almost as soon as we got on-site (consuming it too quickly to even snap a photo), savoring the steamy goodness while absorbing the activity around us. Vendors grilling satay skewers; the Spanish family with whom we shared a picnic table reading the Iberico together; Chinese tourists taking photos of the landmark fountain in the center of the square.

Our appetite for noodles sated, we took a more leisurely tour of the event – food stalls lining the perimeter, each with their own enticing offerings. Some of the food seemed more Indian to me, but having never been to Malaysia I cannot really judge, and it all looked tasty none the less. In the center of the square a large stage had been erected and performers were practicing for the night’s show with the opposite facing steps of the National Gallery blocked off and used as bleachers.

The next culinary adventure was one pound (sterling, not weight) kari-pops, which resemble an empanada with curry chicken inside. We stopped by the promotional stand for Malaysia and were rewarded with Malaysian recipe cards (which I might use) and a guide to the Malaysian restaurants in London (which I will definitely use).  Interestingly enough the Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad offers credit and financing to Malaysian entrepreneurs seeking to open or expand a Malaysian restaurant abroad. I fully support this, as then there will be more noodles for me to enjoy.


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