A Very German Weekend

The thing about Germany is that, well, they speak German. I took German classes once – for one month when I was 17. After realizing that learning German is hard I promptly gave up and pursued less difficult languages. Since I’d heard most German’s speak English I didn’t worry about it too much. I figured my hypothetical future conversations with Germans would be taken care of in my native tongue.

Fast forward nine years and I’m visiting a friend in Germany. Most people beside the cute little grandmother have some level of English speaking ability, so I wasn’t too far off in that assumption. But when Germans speak to each other they still speak German. If I’m spoken to directly it’s in English, but that’s about it. I find myself wishing I’d paid better attention in German class, or alternatively taken more than one month of classes.

Other than my complete lack of linguistic understanding I had a great time visiting my friend for her birthday. We’ve known each other for a good while now and it’s crazy to see her in her grown-up life while I’m still living in a (albeit graduate student) dorm. She took me on walking tours of both Karlsruhe and Heidelberg, and here are a few photos of my very German weekend.









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  1. emma says:

    I’ve been trying to convince myself to learn German for years. When I visited Germany I learned how to say “Which beer is best?”, “Where is the bus stop?” and “I’m waiting for my boyfriend/husband.” These phrases proved pretty useless, and I only used 1 of the 3. Last year I started in on some vocab, so at least now I know about das fenster and der badewanne.

    I’ve got so far to go.

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