US Bank Tower – Los Angeles


There are no railings on top of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, CA, the tallest building in the country west of the Mississippi. Just a concrete disk with a helipad in the middle surrounded by a horizontal chain link fence. I am not afraid of heights themselves, but I am scared silly by the thought of falling.


Inside a tall enclosed structure I am fine, on top of a roller coaster I am gleeful. Not so on top of the US Bank Tower. But the 360 degree view of Los Angeles laid out before me was the perfect distraction.


Now don’t all get in line to visit the top by riding a series of different elevators, climbing a few flights of stairs and then crossing the chain link on what seems like a catwalk. Only the lucky few who have friends that work in the building are allowed to sign their life away in a contract akin to the skydiving covenant of Thou Shalt Not Sue.

  CIMG3040     CIMG3043

Lucky for me I was visiting a friend who, at the time, had a strategically placed internship that could get us approval for a private tour of the roof. We enjoyed the company of our personal guide/security manager and managed to get a few shots of the city.  CIMG3038

I don’t know much about California, so it may have been the time of year (October, anyone?), but the view from the top really drove home how smoggy it can be in this city known for its traffic. But I was happy with our clear-ish view of the Hollywood sign from our unique vantage point.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. gdmkimages says:

    Wow that is some view!

  2. Reminded about a trip some years ago to LA when a smog could be seen from sun up till about lunch time. I liked your pictures and notes. I remember that the driving in LA was a bit of a nightmare and felt the road system was a bit of a race track – unlike Florida where things were more relaxed.

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I don’t think I could handle that one. You were brave to go up there. But I’m sure the view was impressive, smog and all.

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate it!

    1. No problem! Yeah, it’s really tall to not have a railing at all.

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