And the Dissertation Topic Is…

Local Food for Local Growth: Farm-Restaurant Linkages and Embedding Tourism Dollars in Oahu

In the UK they call a Master’s Thesis a “Dissertation”. But don’t get confused, I am in no way doing a PhD. Haha. Scary thought.

Basically I want to find out what kind of role local agriculture plays in the economy of Oahu, how it’s related to restaurants and tourism, and what kind of potential it might have for the future.

I hope to be able to interview both local farmers and local restaurants on Oahu and learn about the links between them and how they interact.

And of course I want to try lots of local foods.

Wish me luck!


(Note: The above is actually Kauai, but I promise to get lots of shots of Oahu agriculture this summer.)


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  1. Summer says:

    Love it!

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