What Would a Feminist Wear?

I contemplated dressing up for my Feminist Economics exam. Not in my custom-made suit recently purchased in Hong Kong or anything, but actually dress up as a feminist economist. I know what you’re picturing right now; baggy cargo pants, medusa like armpit hair, the stereotypical man hater.

The idea came from my experience with grad school presentations – I’ve always performed better when I dressed the part. But what would dressing the part of a feminist economist even look like? Too bad I didn’t have one of these snazzy shirts:


In my life there has been no shortage of feminist role models, those who believe that gender inequalities do exist and need to be addressed. But none of them dressed at all the same. Despite the stereotypes, only a few have been “dykes” or “butch”, and I don’t think that had much to do with their economics anyways.

So I went to my exam dressed as myself. Or rather myself channeling Natalie Portman in the last scene of Closer: Jeans and a  white tank top, i.e. my grad school uniform (some days I add a sweater).

It’s a two mile walk to school, which gave me plenty of time to consider how I might have dressed instead. But the more I thought about it, the clearer it became to me that there is no ONE feminist economist. Maybe that was what I supposed to learn all along.

Maybe I will order that shirt after all.


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  1. Hi Malia – how about not labeling yourself at all. You are what you are. I suppose that its society that leans us towards public statements like “I’m a feminist” or even more invasive, “I”m a MCP” ( I would shorten Feminist to F to put it onto a level footing as MCP but it didn’t look right and certainly gives the wrong connotations ) but in the end you are what you are and thank god for that

    1. I agree that we should not need to label anyone as a feminist, because everyone should have equal opportunities, man or woman. But I also think that ignoring structural inequalities condones them in a way and negates efforts to create a more equal society. Thanks for reading and for the feedback!

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