Water Balloons on Petticoat Lane


Dear Kid in the Orange Sweatshirt,

I’m sorry that I swore at you.

Not because you didn’t deserve to be called names.

You did.

You kept riding by me on your bicycle, launching water balloons at me in broad daylight.

You said that I looked like I was going to the beach, so I “Might as well be wet”.

Lucky for me you hang out in parking lots and not gym class.

But just because you didn’t hit me doesn’t mean you didn’t piss. me. off.

And for your information, a sleeveless top and below the knee pants are NOT beach wear.

It makes me sad that you’re already resorting to “She dressed like she wanted it”.

I am sorry that anger was my first response to being bullied by children. 

I should have been the bigger person.

You are rude and insulting because someone taught you to be so.

Someone showed you that being disrespectful to women is normal and fine.

I would like to think that if you’ve learned to be DISrespectful then you could learn to be REspectful.

And maybe I could have helped you on your journey towards being a decent human being.

Maybe not.

But instead I disrespected you right back.

And for that I am sorry


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