Pyrex-1 / Malia-0


I’ve always loved Pyrex containers. For logical reasons, like that they last a long time and don’t leach chemicals into my food. But also because having a set of Pyrex containers makes me feel undeniably like an adult.  I received them as a gift on a trip home to Minnesota my first year out of college and brought them back to Hawaii in my checked baggage. A few moves and storage units later we have been reunited and it feels so good. Until last night that is.

Last night I was absentmindedly packing my lunch for the next day and one of the 16 oz. Pyrex glass containers slipped out of my hand and its corner edge landed right on my big toe. Immediately the entire nail flooded purple and after a night trying to (wo)man-up I had to get a doctor to drain the blood from the by now completely blackened nail bed.

A toe is just a toe. Until it’s your toe – and it’s hurt – in which case it becomes THE most important part of your body.

This strange twist of fate has made me reconsider plans for this weekend that rather depended on my feet being pain-free; namely hiking/nature photography and yoga.  But because I am human, knowing that I won’t be able to perform these activities has simply increased my desire to pursue them.


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  1. wishvintage says:

    I love Pyrex too but – ouch!

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