Neighborhoods Galore

I love neighborhoods. That sounds like a strange thing to have a passion for, but hey – it’s cheaper than a caviar obsession. The main thing that I really like about neighborhoods, real neighborhoods, is that there are no two exactly the same. The great thing about living in Pittsburgh is that I’m surrounded by distinct urban areas all with their own personality. Pittsburgh is made up of roughly 90 neighborhoods, many of which have their own main streets with all the features of a small town; post office, hair salon, bakery, library – all within a walkable area.

Last year I lived in a very clean nice suburb of Minneapolis, and I was bored out of my mind. But in Squirrel Hill (which actually is Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) all I have to do is step out my front door and into the community. We honest to goodness live above a coffee shop and a bakery and I can walk to yoga, the post office, the library, the park, the movie theater, the bar, and plenty of restaurants. I can go days without driving, and I love it. And we live in just one of Pittsburgh’s many vibrant neighborhoods.

Today I had brunch in Highland Park, which was adorable, and coffee in Lawrenceville, which I found to be quite eclectic and energizing. These field trips remind me of when I would choose random tube stops in London to walk around with my camera discovering new things. I thought I’d given up that sense of exploration when I moved back to the US, but as it turns out I’m just getting started.

Here are a few of my pics from a walk around Squirrel Hill:







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