Remember those years when we didn’t buy any clothes?

Axel and Malia

In the last four and a half months I have spent $91.41 on clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can see the items listed below. For me that is an incredibly low amount (that’s an average of $20.31/month). One of my main hobbies used to be thrift store shopping – I relished paying $20 for last year’s Tahari or Ann Taylor (judge away my hipster friends – these clothes are built to last). But if you buy enough $20 dresses you still end up spending $100 for an afternoon diversion. This is what I refer to as The Paradox of Thrift.

Last fall I relocated and became the sole breadwinner of my newly formed little household. The BF is getting his MBA and I am dutifully footing the bill for two years of living expenses. If any of you cringed at that last sentence I don’t blame you, it doesn’t sound too smart typed out on the screen. But don’t worry – we have a plan. And a large part of that plan is keeping costs down for the next few, and possibly several, years while he finishes his education and I continue to pay off my grad school loans.

We’ve taken many steps in order to trim our budget – line drying our clothes year-round, keeping the heat down and triple insulating the windows in our 100 year old apartment, no cable, no landline, no cell phone insurance. And no clothing budget.

Logically this shouldn’t be an issue, since I have tons of clothes, or at least that’s what it seemed like when moved them all across the country in a UHaul. Plus I work from home, which realistically means that I wear yoga pants on a good day and pajama pants on the not so good days. The problem is not that I don’t have enough clothes to physically cover my body. The issue is that I am bored with my options. You can only wear black or grey sweaters with jeans to so many events before it really starts to seem like déjà vu. Champagne problems, right?

But I recently did the math, and at my current (ambitious for me) rate I will finish paying off my student loans roughly on my 32nd birthday. For a degree that I have yet to use except to impress people with the fact that I went to the same school as Mick Jagger. And that thought is sobering enough to scare me away from all but the most essential of clothing purchases. Looking on the bright side, the next time we move, the number of boxes marked “Malia’s clothes” should be much less. Only 16 months to go.

Date Item Store Amount
2014.11.01 1 thermal long underwear long sleeve T-Shirt Costco 8.99
2014.11.01 1 pair thermal long underwear leggings Costco 15.99
2014.12.30 1 Grey BCBG dress (New Year’s Eve) (see above photo) Clothes Mentor 25.00
2015.01.09 1 Pair New Balance Shoes DSW 41.96
Total = 91.94

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