I’m Malia and this blog is where I share my stories about the everyday things I find fascinating and the amazing things that I hope will never become ordinary.


Am a sucker for sunsets.

Have a weakness for Spicy Ahi Poke. Seriously.

Suffer from chronic tree hugging.

Like to cook. And by cook I mean cut things up and mix them together.

Have a chocolate obsession, and honestly I think it’s weird if you don’t.

Am a Liger. You know, a Lion (Leo) in the western horoscope and a Tiger in the eastern horoscope. A Liger.

Have lived on four continents. Two to go. No, I never plan on living in Antarctica.

LOVE clouds

HATE cilantro and wasabi

Recently took up jogging. (If you know me this is hilarious.)

Collect earrings as souvenirs.

Am passionate about travel, but hate flying. In coach.

Can sing the names of all 50 states drunk. And sober. Probably.

Think too much.

Miss living in Hawaii where people could say my name.

Fall a lot. But I’ve been told I do it very gracefully.

Waitressed for nine years. Don’t regret one minute. Except that one time I got bit.

Am lucky to be alive (and not just because I’ve flipped my dad’s car upside down).

I have no bucket list. What’s so adventurous about a To Do List of adventures anyways?


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